Ambiens RE represents the latest evolution of decorative exterior paints, formulated and designed with mainly focusing on the total respect for the environment.

The research to develop this product was born from the desire to obtain a coating that required the least use possible of solvents for its production, but which still had a bright and vivid color rendering. Ambiens RE is therefore the result of in-depth studies that ensure high performance by guaranteeing an important reduction in atmospheric emissions (VOC) thanks drastic diminishing the use of solvents in the formulation phase, during the production process and when washing the systems.

These coatings for exterior application are in fact formulated with 80% water base products, which ensure a much lower environmental impact if compared to any other system on the market.

Ambiens RE coatings are suitable for induction, gas and electric ovens, can be applied to supports for cooking in the oven (such as trays and cake molds) and are tested for washing in the dishwasher. Furthermore, being completely free of heavy metals such as cadmium and nickel and formulated following the specifications inherent to the FDA and EU regulations, Ambiens RE is a completely safe paint to use every day.

Thanks to the combination of high flexibility and high thermal resistance, Ambiens RE is totally suitable for external coatings in roller application for cookware products, without sacrificing the best performance in terms of hardness, easy clean and an attractive and contemporary aesthetic.